Tugas Les di Pusat Bahasa UNM


Wah…. lumayan lama juga tidak posting apapun di blog ini, harap maklum ya soalnya belakangan ini lagi sibuk menghadapi final tes #sekarang aja disempat-sempatin buat ngeposting :)# dan sibuk ngurus bisnis nih hehehe 😀 #postingan berikutnya mau cerita soal bisnis baru saya sekalian promosi gitu hehehhe 😀 jadi ditunggu ya postingannya sekalia order dagangan saya hehehhe *dikit maksa JK :D*#

Nah malam ini saya akan memposting tugas dari tempat les saya di Pusat Bahasa UNM. Tugasnya yaitu mencari novel yang terkenal dan telah difilmkan dan novel terkenal dan belum difilmkan. Tak perlu berlama-lama just check it out and don’t forget give your comment :)


Title                       : The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King

Author                  : John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

Publisher             : Ballantine Books, 1983

Page                      : 512 pages

Gandalf and Pippin ride away from Merry and Aragorn and go to Minas Tirith. Here they share their tale with the Steward of the city, Denethor, and they speak of his two sons Boromir and Faramir. Pippin pledges himself to the Steward and offers his services. Aragorn’s kin join him and tell him that he should follow the paths of the dead. Aragorn leaves with Legolas and Gimli and refuses to take Merry or Eowyn with him. Theoden rallies the men of Rohan to go to war. He tells Merry that he cannot come with him. Merry is very upset, but a quiet rider tells him that he will secretly bear him to war.

Pippin speaks to Denethor again and then begins his duty as a guard of the city. With another guard, they watch bands of warriors file into the city from every region of Gondor. The number is too small. Faramir returns but is sent by his father to defend another part of Gondor. The enemy comes and besieges the city. Faramir is badly wounded and Denethor retires to a chamber of the dead to end the lives of his son and himself. Pippin gets Gandalf to stop him. Just as the attacking army breaches the door of the city, the riders of Rohan appear and attack with voracity. The Lord of the Nazgul kills Theoden. Merry wounds the Lord and Eowyn kills him. Both fall terribly ill because of this attack. Aragorn arrives from the south with reinforcements and the armies of Mordor are repelled. He heals Faramir, Merry and Eowyn and then makes plans to leave for Mordor with an attacking force. They march to the gates of Mordor and demand Sauron’s surrender, but the Lord of the Dark refuses. He unleashes his trap and they are embroiled in a giant battle.

Sam is tempted by the ring but he resists it and returns to Minas Ithil. He finds Frodo and he frees his friend from the torture of the orcs. They begin to make their way slowly into Mordor. The land is desolate. There is no water to be found. With each step it becomes more hopeless. They are mistaken as orcs and forced to march. When they slip away they come to the edge of the mountain. Sam carries Frodo part of the way up. They encounter Gollum again and Sam tries to contain him as Frodo goes on the last step of the journey. Frodo is taken over by the power of the ring and it is destroyed only because Gollum bites it off his finger and falls into the pit of doom. When the ring is destroyed Sauron dies and the armies of Mordor fall apart. Gondor is triumphant. Gandalf takes three great eagles and flies to Mount Doom. There he finds Frodo and Sam awaiting their deaths. He rescues them and takes them to Ithilien where Aragorn and the armies honor them as heroes.

They return to Minas Tirith and Aragorn is crowned king. They linger here until he is wed to his love Arwen. They all travel to Rohan and have a funeral feast for Theoden. The marriage of Faramir and Eowyn is announced. They head towards Rivendell. Frodo is reunited with his uncle Bilbo. From here they travel back toward the Shire, and Gandalf leaves them. Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam, the four original companions, return to find their home overrun by large men led by a man named Sharkey. They raise the hobbits around them and defeat the men in a battle. When they find Sharkey, they find the fallen wizard Saruman who gets killed by his own servant. Sam gets married and they rebuild the Shire. Frodo gets increasingly weaker as the years pass. Eventually he decides to leave and meets Bilbo and some elves on the road. They take him with them across the sea where elves go when they tire of the earth. Sam returns home to his wife and children.

This populer novel has been filmed and directed by Peter Jackson. Thisfilmwas releasedon17 December 2003. Ihave never readthe novel, Ijustsaw the movie,butafterlooking for informationabout the difference between novelandfilm, the novelhasa detailedstorythan themovie, consideringit is512pagesthicknovel, while the duration ofthe filmis only240 minutes. ifthe filmwasmade exactlylikethenovelwouldtake a long timefor its production.



Tittle                      : The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time

Author                  : Mark Haddon

Publisher             : KPG (Cet. 2, Desember 2004)

Page                      :  312 pages

Christopher, a fifteen-year-old boy with an autistic spectrum condition, lives with his father; he explains that his mother, Judy, died two years ago. He discovers the dead body of Wellington, the neighbour’s dog, speared by a garden fork. Mrs Shears, Wellington’s owner, calls the police, and Christopher comes under suspicion. When a policeman touches him, he hits the policeman, and is arrested, then released with a caution. He decides to investigate the dog’s death, despite his father’s orders to stay out of other people’s business. However, he is severely limited by his fears and difficulties when interpreting the world around him. Throughout his adventures, Christopher records his experiences in a book: a “murder mystery novel”. During his investigation, Christopher meets people whom he has never before encountered, even though they live on the same street, including the elderly Mrs Alexander, who informs Christopher that his mother had an affair with Mr Shears and had been with him for a long time.

Ed, his father, discovers the book and confiscates it from Christopher, after a brief fight between them. While searching for the confiscated book, Christopher uncovers a trove of letters which his mother wrote to him, dated after her supposed death, which his father has also hidden. He is so thoroughly shocked by his father lying about his mother’s death that he is unable to move, curls up on the bed, vomits and groans for several hours until his father returns home. Ed realises that Christopher has read the letters and cleans him up. He then confesses that he had indeed lied about Judy’s death and also that it was he who killed Wellington, stating that it was a mistake resulting from his anger after a heated argument with Mrs Shears. Christopher, having lost all trust in his father and fearing that Ed may try to kill him since he had already killed the dog, runs away. Guided by his mother’s address from the letters, he embarks on an adventurous trip to London, where his mother lives with Mr Shears.

After a long and event-filled journey, evading policemen, and feeling ill from the overwhelmingly large amount of information and stimuli from the trains and crowds around him, he finally finds his way to his mother and Mr Shears’ home, and waits outside until they arrive. Judy is delighted that Christopher has come to her; she cannot believe that Ed would tell Christopher that she was dead. Mr Shears does not want Christopher living with them and never did. Moreover, very soon after arriving, Christopher wants to return to Swindon in order to take his mathematics A-level. His mother leaves Mr Shears, their relationship having broken down because of the conflict and his rejection of Christopher. Judy then moves into a rented room in Swindon, and after an argument with Ed, agrees to let Ed meet Christopher for daily brief visits. However, at this stage, Christopher remains terrified of his father and makes repeated attempts to prevent him from talking. He hopes Ed will be imprisoned for killing Wellington. The story ends with Ed getting Christopher a pet dog, which he names Sandy after his colour, because Toby, Christopher’s pet rat, had died, and promising that he will rebuild trust with Christopher slowly, “no matter how long it takes”. Christopher asserts that he will take further A-level exams and attend university. He completes his first mathematics A-level with top grades and, despite previously wanting to be an astronaut, his ultimate goal is to become a scientist. The book ends with Christopher optimistic about his future, having solved the mystery of the murdered dog, gone to London on his own, found his mother, written a book about his adventures, and achieved an A in his A-level maths exam. Christopher goes on to live with his mother, and occasionally visits his father’s house.

The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time is bestseller international that sold more than two million copies. It won more than 17 awards include Whitbread Book of The Year Awar, Guardian Children’ Fictionn Prize, South Bank Show Book Award and it registered in Man Booker Prize. I do not know why this novel does not make into a film. I am sure if this novel make into a film, the film can be successful like Forest Gump or Front of The Class.


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