A True Story : Pitter-Patter-Pitter

    I looked out the window and u very high. The rain was falling from the clouds in the sky. Pitter-Patter-Pitter came down Allaah’s rain. It hit the roof tops and dripped down the draiin. As I looked out things wouldn’t be the same. The earth would be changing – I’ll try to explain….

The seeds in the soil would split and sprout. And little baby plants would start coming out! The plants become stronger and grow up tall. They need Allaah’s rain and they take it all! Also the animals would take a big drink! Even us people drink this water from our sink. And as Allaah’s rain falls, the earth turns green. Then Allaah’s food starts to grow – have you seen?

There are dusty potatoes that grow underground. There are bright red tomatoes, juicy and round. There are green peas in pods and cucumber too. I ate that yesterday – what about you? There are carrots and lettuce and so much more! And then there’s Allaah’s fruit! Did I tell you before?

There are red and green apples to munch, munch and munch! There are small purple plums and grapes in a bunch. There are sweet, sticky oranges and strawberries – red. Strawberries have cute, little leaves on their head! There are curvy bananas with yellow “jackets” on. They come in all sizes – small, medium, long! There are cherries and berries and coconuts that fall. How much food is that? – I can’t count it all!

It was just the other day I was watching Allaah’s rain. But what would it be like if none of it came?

The earth turn dry and nothing would grow. No more of Allaah’s great food that we know. The seeds in the soil would never come out. Not a single seed would split and sprout. The animals would be thirsty and the people too. No more water for me and for you. Without Allaah’s rain that falls from the sky. Everyone and everything would start to die…

So Praise be to Allaah’s Who sends His rain. And Thanks be to Him again and again! From Him is our food and waters that flow. The rain is just one of His blessings you know. The Lord of the rain – Allaah is He – The One Who deserves all worship you see…

Pitter – Patter – Pitter on the window pane
All Thanks to Allaah for His blessing of rain!


Allaah is the One Who provides. He pours down His blessed rain and gives us all kinds of food and drink. Allaah keeps us alive and healthy like this. But if Allaah want to, He could stop His rain from ever falling again. Allaah is the Most Powerful! We always need Allaah’s Help you see kids. So we must always please Allaah, thank Him and obey Him. Then Allaah give us more help and blessings! He alone deserves our prayers and worship…..

From the story we learnt that Allaah brings His earth back to life with rain. Allaah will also bring us back to  life after we die!

Source:  http://www.islam4kids.com

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